Tuesday, June 5, 2012

5/6 Diary

I love web Programming..
I learn a lot...
Design website, how to link url...
Learn Simple dataBase ( insert, edit, delete )...
Lecturer about say next sem 's subject is quite tough...
Now worry I can't handle next sem...
Now is study week...
I din't go back hometown....
Study here is better....
If go back , I cant focus because of the noisy of baby...
21th is final last day...fight for Final !!!!!
Be confident!!! Must trust Myself I can do it !!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Singapore Life ^^

These are the pictures token when I am working at Singapore. We work at Singapore for few months.So v planned trip before go back to my hometown.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Form 6 Memory

Ipoh Trip ^^

My Form TEavher BIrthday ^^ Miss Her So much !

Crazy FriendS


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Monday -Formal Day

MOnday is FOrmal Day in UTM.Everyone need to wear formal according to the rules.still
BUt then still got a few people din wear ...

I sure will wear it..Because look like office girl ^^

NIce , right ??? HAha ...

My second Sem

I am a first year student in UTM. Now having 2nd sem lecture. This sem have 15 credit . Seriously , I am quite free . So I jogging 3 or 4 times one week . This jogging can be my another 2 credit for this sem ..haha~~ Thursday night is my favourite time *dancing* ^^

This is my picture when I finish jogging

My red FAce^^

I love Web programming. I learn a lot from this subject. We learn how to make web page and edit HTML. It is fun …

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Family

This blog is especially for WEB PROGRAMMING…Lecturer want us to edit blog and the main theme is ourselves. This task is difficult for me. I don’t know what should I do…

Let me talk about my family. First , I want say thank you to my parents. Without them , I could not at this world .I LOVE U .In my heart, my parents is the best...Once I was born, no car in house. Until now, my house still does not have car…Sometimes I envy who have car…I know I cannot compare with others.. My mother fetch me go to school by bicycle from pre-school level until primary school ( tahun 3, I think so, forget already).Then go to school by motorcycle. During secondary school, I went to school by bus. So my mother can rest and no need fetch me ..However, my mother fetch me go to school again during form6 . That time, many of my friends go to school by car or motorcycle. I cannot complain too much, I need to accept the truth. My family not rich if compares to them. I really thanks my mother.

From small, I seldom talk with my father because he work at Singapore. We just talking phone. My father come back hometown 2 or 3 times one year. I likes CNY because my father is at home at least 10 days. My father very care about us. He sure will buy us supper whereas my mother will not buy for us. My father is always on my heart. After form6 exam, the next day I follow my father go to Singapore. Not for play , is for work. I wish to go Singapore work from form5. Finally , I went there successful. That time, my mother and my grandmother do not want me go there work. They scold me. But then I still want to go. If got chance, Why don’t want go ??? They care about me since I never go outside before. I want learn independence and earn money . First time celebrate CNY at Singapore, What is the feeling??? I think nobody can feel my feeling. I really miss my family during CNY. Luckily I got sister and sister-in-law accompany me celebrate. They brought me went to SENTOSA.

I want earn money to my family. I want give a good life to my family and myself. Anything that I want , I need depend myself , not depend on family. My mother tell us from earlier.

I got 1 elder sister, 1 younger sister, 1 elder brother. I respect my brother the most. I very scare him. He never scold me before. I still remember he bought me a shirt when he went to PULAU PANGKOR. Younger sister is like my best friend. We go to shopping together , trim hair together, trim eyebrow together, share clothes together …haha..My elder sister love us so much. Last time, she worked at boutique. Every times she came back from Singapore, she will bring a lot clothes to us. Really Happy ..Ask her bring some more clothes .Now I got many clothes . Belt, shawl ,dinner dress, small jacket , cardican , jeans, short pants, earing are can easily found my house. All are different types. Haha, But then me and my younger sister still will buy new clothes …HAHA…That why my mother scold us why still wan buy , waste money..
Haha, I live together with my grandparents. They are good .They are best ! Now a days, they are getting old. But then they are strong. I LOVE MY GRANDFATHER!!!!! He is very good!!! Last few years, my grandfather was sick . Really worry about him.Cry for few days. Now he is good. Thanks GOD. I also don’t know why I love my grandfather so much .

I love my family. In my family , I feel warm and happy .
Writing too much about my family, homesick T.T

My sister prepare for go national service (PLKN)...

The Cute CUte Relative...They almost everyday come to my house..I like to play with them...

Monday, March 19, 2012

INtroduce Session

NAme : Nicole
Age: 21
D.o.B = 5/7 ( remember my gift !!!)
Hobbies: Dancing, Eating, Sleeping,Jogging,Dreaming ~~~
Description about me : I am a simple girl lke a normal girl.Want people to care about me . When i am nt talking , doesnt means i am angry or bad mood ..Just dun wan talking. But sometimes I lwill talk non-stop...maybe just depend on the
people....I do what I want , I dun Care so much about other opinion...If care too much, u will lose yourself...Be confident , Just do yourself..

If u will know about me, just be my followers ^^ I will update my blog..haha~~